4 Reasons You Should Schedule Your Next GMP Inspection ASAP

Seasons are changing and 2016 is quickly approaching. Back-to-school merchandise has been replaced with Halloween costumes and Christmas decorations. Football season has officially kicked off.  And before we know it, people in many regions will be dusting off their snow shovels to clear a path. Before you wrap up 2015, have you scheduled your annual GMP Inspection to evaluate how well the prerequisite and food safety programs are working in your facility?  We’ve got 4 good reasons why you should schedule your next GMP Inspection ASAP.

1.  Get your GMP inspection out of the way now before the busiest time of year begins.

Many facilities are gearing up for their busiest production and might be surprised to learn that this is actually a great time of year to see how their on-floor practices line up with their written programs. Seasonal employees new to your operation, high production demands, and changing regulatory and customer requirements…wow, that’s a lot to keep up with! We agree – which is why we think it’s the perfect time to add a GMP Inspection (or a training inspection) to the madness to make sure your programs are running according to plan. Don’t wait until your slowest time of year to conduct an inspection. Do it now so that you can ensure that your employees are following written programs and procedures by the book even under high levels of stress.

2.  Make sure your IPM program is running effectively before critters start looking for a vacation home inside your plant.

As autumn ushers in cooler and wetter weather patterns in many regions, rodent and insect pests wanting to escape the harsh conditions will start looking for harborage inside your plant. A thorough GMP Inspection will look at all aspects of your Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to make sure that your preventive programs are capable of keeping unwanted pests out. Effective pest control is more than just pesticide application. Our food safety professionals will look at how your sanitation and personnel practices programs impact pest activity in your plant. Don’t wait until it’s too late to keep unwanted critters from becoming a pest nightmare! 

3.  Complement your document-focused certification audit with a probe of your on-the-floor practices.

In today’s market, a great emphasis is being placed on documentation. But you can’t lose sight of what’s actually taking place on your plant floor. A GMP Inspection provides a thorough evaluation of what’s taking place in your processing areas, product storage areas, support areas, and exterior grounds – focused on the Good Manufacturing Practices. Our food safety professionals cover everything from operational practices, cleaning, and maintenance, to IPM and program documentation. Even if you’ve already completed a GFSI-approved certification audit this year, it’s a good idea to add a GMP Inspection to the lineup to get a better picture of what is actually taking place out in your plant and demonstrate your dedication to providing safe, high quality food products.

4.  Our inspectors will make sure your plant is ready before an FDA inspector comes to visit.

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) has certainly changed the food safety climate in recent years and has impacted both domestic and foreign food companies. The final rules for preventive controls was recently released. Most businesses will only have 1 year to bring their programs into compliance before FDA begins enforcing the new rules. AIB’s professional staff can offer practical advice for updating your food safety and food defense programs. We’ll gauge your current food plant programs and suggest updates so you can discover and correct weaknesses before an FDA inspection and impress your customers with program improvements.

Schedule Your Inspection

Still need to schedule your GMP Inspection to see how your facility measures up to industry food safety standards? Our food safety professionals can help – but they’re in high demand and calendars are filling rapidly. Don’t be left out in the cold! Schedule your 2015 inspection now and lock in this year's rates.

Our audits and inspections are conducted by highly trained, full-time professionals. Those who earn a good score on an AIB audit or inspection are recognized industry-wide as having a strong commitment to safe, quality food. Let us help you be more competitive in the marketplace. 

Check out the range of audits and inspections AIB offers, and contact us to get your visit on the books.

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