Tip of the Week- Hairnets

Do you check efficient usage of hairnets in your plant?

Hair is a very common food contaminant and though it might not be directly linked to adverse health issues, it is generally agreed that it is very unpleasant and would cause complaints.

For these reasons, personnel should wear effective hair restraints to fully contain hair. There are several products available such as hairnets and restraints that may include head, beard or moustache covers as applicable. That is generally well known, however there are still issues that need to be carefully considered:

  • There have been discussions about bald people and if they may be excluded from using a hairnet. In many cases, it is preferred that the same policies apply to everyone in a plant. Furthermore, a bald person might still have a beard or a mustache.
  • Appropriate materials and sizes of restraints should be considered. For example, hairnets should be large enough to be able to contain all head hair including ears, but if they are too wide or large, they might become loose or uncomfortable.
  • Ball caps may be used instead of a hairnet in plants producing non-food contact packaging or pet food based on a risk assessment. In other cases, bump hats, caps or other safety equipment should be used additionally.
  • Dirty, soiled or damaged restraints should be changed.

For more information, check out our Food Safety and Sanitation for Food Plants public course.

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