Learn the fundamentals of common ingredients!

You may know a lot about baking, but have you stopped to consider what your most common ingredients really do? Flour, yeast, emulsifiers: their functions matter! We’re excited to announce that the latest additions to our trusted line-up of baking courses, Function of Ingredients: Core and Function of Ingredients: Secondary, can address any gaps in your understanding of these critical baking foundations. 

Ingredient Focused

Baking education often focuses on processes and methods. These courses help you be a better baker by addressing what’s on the table before any of that enters the picture: your ingredients. In the Core course, you’ll discover all about flour, salt, fats and oils, water, yeast, and sweeteners: how they function in your recipes, the implications of over- or under-use, and how varieties differ. With that under your belt, you can move on to Secondary, where you’ll cover enzymes; milk solids; oxidizers, reducing agents, and emulsifiers; mold inhibitors; and mineral yeast foods in the same fashion. 

At a Location Near You

You may wonder where these new courses are being offered, or whether you can afford the travel and time away from work to take them. Great news! They’re offered at the location most convenient to you: wherever you have your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Both Core and Secondary installments of Function of Ingredients are offered exclusively on our new LearningLab@AIB platform. You’ll work through dynamic, interactive lessons at your own pace, test your understanding, and receive credit for your work all at times and locations that are convenient for you. 

Enroll Now

You can learn more, or enroll in one or both courses today . If you do, you’ll begin to solidify that firm foundation that every successful baking career needs. 

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