Tip of The Week - Temporary Repair Policy

What does your Temporary Repair Policy consist of?

Temporary repairs are necessary in plants since production and other processes will need to carry on until a permanent repair can be put in place. However, there are some rules that should be followed to make sure food safety is not compromised, and these would be outlined in your temporary repair policy.

Make sure your policy includes materials permitted for use considering contamination hazards, i.e. office style staples should not to be used in production areas or to reseal ingredient/food packaging. Avoid using fraying or peeling materials such as rope near product zones. Packaging manufacturing plants should not use their product or parts of the product for temporary repairs. For example, cardboard manufacturing plants should not be using cardboard for temporary fixes, and food-contact film manufacturing plants should be very careful with tape use, since it may not be easily distinguished from product.

Date your temporary repairs and make sure a permanent fix is on its way as soon as possible to eliminate deterioration of the materials used for short term purposes.

For more information, check out our GMP/Sanitation Workshop or the GMP/Sanitation Workshop for Food Packaging private/public courses!

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