Tips of the Week - Types of Gloves

What are you trying to protect when you use gloves?

In domestic activities and our everyday lives, we know that we use gloves to protect our hands in dangerous activities or when handling irritating materials. In a food plant though we come across two different ways of using gloves: to protect hands or to protect the food.

These two different uses should be fully distinguished and each one needs to follow strict and separate rules.

Single-Use Gloves

Single-use gloves, are worn to protect food and should be changed as often as necessary to keep hygienic conditions. Using gloves should not discourage hand washing, which should be done with no gloves on, as single-use gloves are not meant to be washed.

Protecting Your Hands

Gloves used to protect hands are usually not single use ones, they need to be more durable and they may be used a number of times. These may be cleaned if they get soiled. The appropriate type of glove should be used according to the type of work being done, i.e. high temperatures, type of chemicals handled. If working in food production areas, it should be kept in mind that gloves need to be in a condition that will not contaminate food contact surfaces with bacteria, chemical residues, or fraying material.

Further Information

For more information, check out our Food Safety and Sanitation Distance Learning Course or our Food Safety and Sanitation for Food Plants public seminar!

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