Egg Videos Produced in AIB Labs

AIB baking professionals and communications staff recently assisted Elisa Maloberti, Director of Egg Product Marketing for the American Egg Board (AEB), with with filming instructional videos in AIB’s labs. The videos will serve the California baking industry, specifically small operators using fresh shell eggs in their products.  

California Proposition 2 (2008) & Increased Prices

California Proposition 2 (2008), enacted officially as the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act, will become law on January 1, 2015. As a result, the AEB forecasts that there will be fewer laying hens, fewer shell eggs, and therefore higher egg prices in the California market.  The videos demonstrate the relatively simple process of replacing fresh shell eggs with either dried, refrigerated, or frozen eggs.  They also demonstrate the process of replacing fresh shell egg components (whites, yolks) with their dried, refrigerated, and frozen counterparts. 

Making the Videos

Toby Moore, AIB Baking Professional, worked with AEB personnel and their public relations consultants, going over the technical aspects of the shoot; writing, proofing, and approving voiceover scripts; and explaining the baking process to the public relations and audio/visual teams.
The videos were filmed in AIB’s cake laboratory.  Appearing in the videos were AIB staff members Toby Moore, Kathy Brower, and Enrique Estrella.  Moore performed the on-camera video introductions, Brower demonstrated the bench work, and Estrella performed the Spanish voiceover.

Watch the Egg Videos Now! 

The videos are available on the AEB website in both English and Spanish.

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