AIB Food Labeling Services

AIB's nutrition labeling database  was created in 1993 as a cost-effective way for food companies to acquire accurate nutritional information for compliance with the FDA Nutrition Labeling and Education Act. The capabilities of Food Labeling Services have grown and expanded and now include ingredient and allergen statements, label compliance reviews, and Canadian labeling services.

Originally designed to be a service to the baking industry, Food Labeling Services can provide labeling assistance to almost any food manufacturing company. 

Elaine Meloan

Elaine Meloan, department manager, has been with AIB since 1985 and with the labeling department since its inception. “Our strength is in our people. The Labeling staff have extensive knowledge of food manufacturing, formulation and nutrition,” Meloan said. “That experience—combined with the amount of time each of us has spent in the Labeling department, is our greatest strength. The staff is very knowledgeable and dedicated to timely, accurate, and efficient service to our clients.”

Meloan is a graduate of Kansas State University with a degree in food science and industry.  In addition to generating labeling information, she advises clients on regulatory and compliance issues.  She has made numerous presentations on food labeling at a variety of AIB seminars and is the editor of “Food Labeling–Requirements for FDA Regulated Products,” as well as the co-author of several AIB Technical Bulletins. She is a member of AACC International and the Food Technical Regulatory Affairs Committee of the American Bakers Association.

Long History

Since 1993, the labeling department has worked with almost 90,000 formulas for the computation of nutrition information for 2455 clients. The nutrition labeling database contains more than 38,500 ingredients.

Food Labeling Services offers two well attended public seminars each year, Labeling of FDA Regulated Food Products, and Advanced Techniques in Labeling FDA Regulated Foods, and  also produces a book, “Food Labeling–Requirements for FDA Regulated Products.”


Services include:

  • For both the US and Canada:
  • Nutrition computations and formatting of nutrition panels for food packages
  • Ingredient Listings and Allergen Disclosures
  • Food Label Compliance Reviews
  • Technical Assistance for Food Labeling Questions

For more information, visit the Food Labeling Services website

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