Tip of the Week - Lighting

Is the lighting in your facility impacting productivity or enhancing food safety?

You have to consider the amount of light and color necessary for personnel to properly do their job depending on the type of job they have to perform. For example, your quality inspection area should be a well-lit area of the building with both the amount and color of light when visual inspection is used for acceptability of product.

Yellow Sodium Light vs. White Light

While yellow sodium light will appear on your light meter as a better, stronger light, white light is actually much more effective for the human eye. Your ability to see clearly is enhanced with white light, as is morale - people are happier and work better in white light. Although the cost for yellow light is generally less expensive, white light has a much better result in almost every case, including security.

Always bear in mind that the output of your product is affected by the quality of light in which your team is working! For more information, check out our Food Safety Essentials online course and Food Plant GMP/Sanitation Workshop public / private seminar!

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