Tip of the Week - Roof Leaks

Most facilities have encountered a roof leak at one time or another. They are a common concern in food manufacturing plants and warehouses which might result in microbiological contamination due to unclean water.

In these cases, it is important to control the leak and ensure product safety until a permanent solution can be put in place.

Many companies have specialized catch tarps or roof-leak diverters to contain the leak until it can be permanently corrected. These catch tarps must be installed to ensure that they fully contain the leak. The tarps are typically suspended from the ceiling with bungee cords.

A hose is then connected to a garden-style fitting that is welded into the center of the tarp. This allows the water to be collected and directed into a hose to safely move the water to a floor drain or collection container. These catch tarps or roof-leak diverters are available from various product supply companies or home improvement centers.

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