Tip of the Week - Technical Data Sheets

Are you sure you have access to all the information you might need about your cleaning chemicals?

In some cases, it is better to not rely on the cleaning contractor to be your sole source of information as to the appropriate chemicals for your plant. Especially in the case that you use different service providers for different areas or chemicals not meant to be stored on your premises might be left behind.

Ensure you get a Technical Data Sheet or label from the manufacturer of the chemicals. Look for information including:

  • Safety information (Safety Data Sheet or equivalent) provides information on:
    • How to protect your employees (including required application equipment, personal protective equipment etc.)
    • How to protect the environment (disposal procedures if necessary)
  • Technical information (Technical Data Sheet or equivalent) provides information such as:
    • Chemicals approval for use in a food plant / food contact surfaces
    • The intended use (i.e. CIP / COP)
    • If the material can be used while in operation
    • Concentration / dilution requirements
    • If the sanitizer needs to be rinsed after use, etc.
  • Copy of the container label:
    • Label may also provide approval information
    • Labels on containers often get wet or damaged through container usage. Saving a copy will ensure that a readable copy is maintained.

For more information, check out the Food Safety & Sanitation Distance Learning Course.

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