Automated Warehouse

Do you have an automated system in your warehouse?

Automated warehouses, operated by robots and computer software, are getting more and more popular due to time and labor restrictions in facilities. These systems can be tailored to specific requirements and provide enhanced efficiency of operations for a warehouse or distribution center.

Sanitary Concerns

One concern with these automated warehouse areas is access to all areas of the site at all times of the day, because robots and other computer operator systems don’t always stop and allow access. So when it’s time to clean, planned downtime is needed.

Not as Many Eyes on the Lookout

There have been food safety challenges associated with the lack of access. Damaged pallets, spillage, pest issues, and roof leaks especially if the warehouse has been built as an extension to the original building structure or any leakage problems, might not be reported immediately.
If you have an automated warehouse, make sure you pest proof it properly. Also ensure that your cleaning and inspection activities are at the highest level.

For more information, check out the Principles of Warehouse Sanitation private/public seminar.

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