Tip of the Week - Checking Air Pressure Differentials

Have you thought about the design of your facility?

Flow of Movement


In a food plant, materials and products need to move from the raw to the cooked/clean areas. Equipment or people movement has to be the exact opposite pattern, from the less soiled to the more soiled parts of the plant. This is also necessary for air movement in your facility, especially if you handle sensitive Ready-to-Eat (RTE) products.

Checking Air Flow

Air pressure differential checks are essential in locations that have raw vs. cooked/clean areas where cross-contamination is of potential concern. Ensure that Ready-to-Eat areas have the highest pressure (air is pushed out) and the most contaminated areas, such as the toilets or wash rooms, have the lowest pressure (air is sucked into the room and discharged out of the building).

Don’t forget to consider your waste materials movement. You may also use your environmental monitoring program to verify the efficiency of your results!

For more information, check out our Food Plant GMP/Sanitation Workshop public/ private seminar and our Environmental Monitoring Consulting Program!

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