AIB explores essentials of food safety with K-State

The agricultural industry relies heavily on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) programs to ensure safe, quality products. Kansas State University’s Integrated Grains Program (IGP) Institute is partnering with AIB International Oct. 27­-29, 2015, to teach industry professionals how to develop and execute effective HACCP programs.

“The Food Safety Modernization Act has increased food safety awareness making a comprehensive HACCP plan a vital part of any management plan,” says Mark Fowler, IGP Institute associate director and milling specialist. “This course was developed in partnership with AIB International to address the specific HACCP requirements of a grain processing facility.”

Course Topics

The course will cover topics including the history of HACCP, key parts of wheat milling, common sanitary design flaws in mills, FSMA communication strategies, application of the 12 steps of Codex to a grain milling operation, creation of a HACCP plan, and HACCP manual compilation.

Industry Insight 

Former course participant, Keith Henick, quality assurance manager from Riceland Partnership plans to use the information to improve the company.

“Some of the things we do at Riceland we didn’t know were the standard, but then there are things that are going to help us improve our whole food safety program,” Henick says. “This course gave me good insight on not only food safety in the flour industry, but how the flour industry works as a whole.”

Enroll Now

You can enroll today for the Grain Milling HACCP Workshop online at AIB's website or by phone at 800-633-5137. 

More Training Opportunities

This is just one example of many training partnerships through the IGP Institute. Courses are also offered in feed manufacturing and grain quality management, flour milling and grain processing, and grain marketing and risk management. Learn more about the training opportunities from the IGP Institute.

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