Tip of the Week - Preparing for your Audit

How well are you prepared for your next AIB audit?

We all go through inspections year after year to maintain compliance and continue to grow our food safety programs to obtain our goal of creating a product both desirable and safe for the end user. Whether you do announced or unannounced audits is up to you but here are some other ‘hidden’ tools in the Standard that will help you prepare and improve.

Appendix A

In Appendix A, there is a list of every document (program, procedure, and supporting forms) an auditor will ask for upon their arrival. This Appendix doesn’t just include the programs in the Adequacy of the Programs section (chapter 5), but also the ones that are imbedded in the other inspection categories that may have been overlooked such as, Bloodborne Pathogen Procedure, Sampling Procedures, or Ammonia Control Procedures.

Appendix C

Appendix C is the Glossary which includes definitions to words the auditor uses and are referenced in the Standard. Words like inspection vs audit are outlined, or definitions of processing aids and pesticides (which covers herbicides), to fully understand if we are following compliance in the standard as written. If the definition is not fully understood, it is plausible that this standard item can become a finding, but if we fully understand the definition and requirement, we can be fully prepared to the best of your ability.

For more information check out the AIB Consolidated Standards for Inspection for your type of facility!

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