Tip of the Week - How do you use the Consolidated Standards?


How well prepared are you for your next AIB audit?

We all feel ready, but somehow seem to miss that “perfect score”. We wonder if there are additional tools to improve and better prepare. The fact is there has been a tool at most of your disposal, yet possibly overlooked or underutilized. Your Consolidated Standard for Inspection designed for your operation is in a computer file or cabinet drawer somewhere and quite likely hasn’t been looked at since the very first inspection, or never beyond certain pages. Here’s the secret: this little book tells you everything the inspector is going to look for before they even get there!

So with the secret out of the bag, let’s highlight some important, but less obvious details of the document. The second page of the Standard has the copyright year. First things first, after confirming dates, ensure you have the most updated Standard on file. Having an old outdated copy may still serve some benefit, but may leave you feeling somewhat blindsided. If you’re not sure you have the most current version, check our website or contact AIB directly.

The last thing anyone wants is an unsatisfactory score. The Standard can help you avoid this. The last page in the scoring section titled Automatic Assessment of Unsatisfactory has examples of these conditions. Though not all conditions are found in this section, a few of the most commonly found ones are, and is a great tool to be familiar with. 

For more information, check out the AIB Consolidated Standards for Inspection for your type of facility!

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