Ring in 2016 with a Food Safety Seminar Special!

We had a great 2015, and we hope you did as well. We want everyone to start off 2016 strong, so for the rest of this month, we are offering a discount when you enroll in two of our most popular food safety seminars in one of our most popular locations - Orlando, Florida!

Enroll in the GMP/Sanitation Workshop (Feb 2-3) and get 25% off your enrollment in our HACCP Workshop (Feb 4-5)!

In our GMP/Sanitation Workshop, professional, experienced staff deliver the most relevant information related to food plant microbiology, sanitation and sanitary design, self-inspections, and control of pests, allergens, and foreign material.

For our HACCP Workshop, you'll walk step-by-step through the development, implementation, and verification of your HACCP plan. This workshop is perfect for all members of a HACCP team!

Food safety has never been more important. Make sure your plant programs are up-to-date and in compliance with these valuable workshops.

Claim Your Discount

To claim your enroll in GMP, get 25% off HACCP discount, call our Customer Service specialists at 800-633-5137. This discount is not available online, call today!

*This offer is only valid for the February 2016 seminars located in Orlando, FL.

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