Top 3 Reasons You Need FSMA Knowledge

FSMA remains one of the hottest topics in food and beverage production. Keep in mind that some FSMA implementation deadlines have passed or are quickly approaching. According to Food Safety Magazine, many facilities make the mistake of assuming that HACCP training will meet the new FSMA requirements. However, HACCP requirements and compliance with FSMA's preventive controls rule have important differences. The good news is AIB International has the experts in place to help you understand what you need to know about FSMA knowledge. Here are three good reasons you will want to take advantage of our services.

1. You'll get the full benefit of FSMA understanding
Get the advice most in the industry completely overlook. Our FSMA Awareness Webinar Series  has the best selection of 8 unique webinars that you can watch on demand when your schedule allows. Our team of experts shares their review and interpretation of each FSMA rule so you know how they impact your facility.

2. Investing in a seminar is an investment in people
Let's be honest, FSMA is changing our industry. All FDA-registered US food manufacturing facilities, as well as facilities located in foreign countries that export to the US, must update their food safety and food defense programs to be compliant with the regulations. Precisely where our seminar, FSMA: The Pathway to Compliance course, falls as a solution. Choose from three different locations and dates:

  • March 21-22 | Phoenix, Arizona
  • May 16-17 | Chicago, Illinois
  • September 12-13 | Portland, Oregon

With so much change in the food  industry, tacking on deadlines presents a lot of anticipation about how aggressive FDA will be with non-compliance, prepare now!

3. Eliminate stress
For facilities preparing for inspection, risks and worries may look immense. Both are relative to the inspection process. Why subject your team to the added stress? Secure AIB's FDA Preparedness Inspection find out if your facility is ready for your next regulatory inspection and if your policies are in line with FSMA requirements before the inspector arrives. When our food safety professionals test your facility's response, you'll gain effective solutions for compliance to FSMA-type inspections and reduce your risk of adverse events that would negatively affect your brand.

Read what others are saying about AIB's FDA Preparedness Inspection.

So there are three quick reasons why your facility should invest in FSMA knowledge.

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