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Most companies have a secret weapon. AIB International believes ours is the power over product quality control by using Visual Imaging Solutions. Our customized equipment triangulates using cameras and lasers to evaluate finished product characteristics. By sourcing
products from different points in the supply chain we can test against specific criteria.

When one of the largest fast food hamburger chains in the world came to AIB because they wanted to expand their quality control program for hamburger buns -- we turned to Visual Imaging.

Our Approach to Great-Tasting Buns

A hamburger bun must hold its own against the juicy burger and our client depends on us to make sure that bun is baked consistently. Every day except weekends, Bryan Glaser receives boxes of baked product, sometimes up to 30, from various regions around the world. Third-party “pickers” collect samples from identified restaurants and ship them overnight to our facility in Manhattan, Kansas for Visual Imaging testing. Glaser, Manager of Lab Testing Services at AIB, places each bun on the conveyor belt, where the visible laser traces each product measuring specific criteria.

Example criteria includes:
• Height
• Length/Diameter
• Split
• Topping distribution
• Color (external and internal)
• Additional critical physical characteristic

Once the criteria is measured, Glaser uploads the collected data to a secure website for the bun bakers to access. The website allows bakers to quickly pull the data within a few hours of the daily testing. The program puts our client at the center of quality control -- equipping bakers with photos and in-depth information of the tested buns.

“Bakers really like the dashboard,” said Glaser. “It’s a specialty service that is beneficial to them. Visual Imaging is very objective, the visible laser traces the product and accurately measures dimensions. The reporting is electronic, automatic and turn-around time is same day.”

Within a few years of establishing Visual Imaging Solutions for hamburger buns the program expanded. The expansion focused on adding several other product types. This expansion has inspired other customers to test a wide variety of products since the conveyor belt system has many customizable options. By showcasing the benefits of Visual Imaging in a seamless experience, customers are now able to test product quality like never before.