5 Factors You Need to Consider For the New FDA Nutrition Label

1. Nutrients and Ingredients

Companies that use databases for computing their nutrition information need to ensure that data is collected for the new nutrients in the panel and also for the nutrients that have changed units.

2. Recordkeeping

Determine how you will make and keep records for nutrients that have new requirements for recordkeeping.

3. Vitamins

Check the current nutrition on your products and determine if you will have any declarations for Vitamin E or folate. Be aware that for most nutrition formats, you will now need to declare quantitative amounts for the mandatory vitamins and minerals.

4. Added Sugars

Identify ingredients that will be considered added sugars. Since you cannot differentiate added sugars from naturally occurring sugars through analytical testing, you will need to determine the amount of added sugars by evaluating your formula. Provide substantiation for any reductions to this declaration due to non-enzymatic browning or fermentation.

5. Identify Fiber

Declare as dietary fiber only those non-digestible carbohydrates that meet FDA’s new
definition. Maintain records showing the amount of non-digestible carbohydrate in each formula that does not meet the definition of dietary fiber.

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