On Thin Ice: 6 Signs Your Freezing Process Has Cracks

Market research is showing frozen doughs and other bakery items are among the fastest growing segments of the food processing industry. Popular items include cookies, biscuits, rolls, pizza crust, and cinnamon rolls. Modern freezing equipment and packaging for frozen products is opening up a new demand avenue for many bakeries, and a healthy revenue stream. A recent report by MarketsandMarkets projected the frozen bakery product market will reach $21.2 billion by 2020.


Frozen dough and baked goods benefit in-store bakeries, quick-serve restaurants, and consumers, offering them convenience of readily thawed frozen bakery products and the ability to prepare fresh items using frozen dough. Additionally, prolonged shelf life offers availability regardless of seasonal variations. It’s not a market segment to ignore, and you’ll want to make sure your freezing process is on point to protect the quality and reputation of your product.  

So what are the effects of a bad freezing process? Both under- and over-freezing cause issues. Check out these six signs that your process has cracks.

Yeast performance

Under-freezing triggers yeast fermentation too early, over-freezing kills yeast. Both have bad effects on your finished product.

1.      Dough proof will be poor, slow, or require excessive time either because the yeast released its gasses too early (under frozen), or because the yeast is dead (over frozen).

2.      Baking performance will be poor, with little spring and low volume – this flows directly from the poor proofing process caused by both under- and over-freezing.

Appearance and Quality

3.      Blotchy crust results when over-freezing excessively dries the dough surface.

4.      Surface blisters happen for the same reason.

5.      Belt marks appear on under-frozen products due to product being too soft during processing.

6.      Product collapses on cooling as a result of poor proofing or overly dried surface.

If you’re expanding or refreshing your frozen product lines for this growing market segment, keep an eye out for these six signs. Your product quality flows directly from your freezing process!

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