Tip of the Week - Labeling regulations for repackaged products

Our company is a distribution warehouse that receives 50 lb. bags of flour and re-sells them the way they came in. For some of our flours we re-pack them into 5 lb. bags that are sold online and in our small retail store. Do the 5 lb. bags sold online and in-store have to have nutrition labels on them? Is it enough to have nutrition labels printed and readily available for the customer if they want the information, or does each 5 lb. bag need to be labeled? I cannot figure this out on the FDA website. We do make sure the nutrition facts are on the bags that go out from online orders, but looks like we need to change the format now. Can you help?

Products sold at retail, including mail order items, are subject to the nutrition labeling regulations, unless the food qualifies for one of the exemptions. So the 5 lb. packages that are being sold online and at the retail outlet need to be fully labeled for consumer sales; this includes a nutrition panel. If you are selling the 50 lb. packages on the retail market, you will need to ensure that the labeling on these also meets the requirements for retail products. If the 50 lb. packages are only going to restaurants and food service establishments, they would not require a nutrition panel but would require the other main labeling elements of product name, net contents, ingredients/allergens, and responsible company information. Food service establishments may want the nutrition information for the product, but this can easily be provided in a separate document.

We can help you update your label to meet the new format. We have webinarsseminarsand an entire department of labeling experts in our FDA-sanctioned nutrition labeling program ready to help you comply with the new regulations! 

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