A Day-by-Day Guide to AIB at IBIE 2016

The International Baking Industry Exposition brings more than 20,000 baking professionals from all over the globe to Las Vegas, Nevada. Our AIB guide provides a daily road map so you can make the most of the show.


Saturday, October 8

8:30 AM Rise and Shine! Join Jesse Leal for his presentation of FSMA Readiness in Room N254.

9:45 AM Finding a positive food safety culture in your organization is a huge challenge. Jesse Leal, AIB professional, speaks on developing a process to solve these existing issues in Room N254.

11 AM Issues with bread products? Steve Sollner is here to help! Attend Troubleshooting Bread Products in Room N254.

2 PM No need to rush into the tradeshow hall when the doors open, relax and enjoy a long lunch after attending three workshops. Stop by the AIB booth an hour after doors open to pin-point our location.

4:30 PM All-American Tailgate Party, held right on the show floor, is a networking reception that allows you to meet key colleagues and suppliers around the world! Unlimited tailgate fare, drinks and live music will be provided.

Sunday, October 9

8:30 AM We know it's early on a Sunday morning, but you won't want to miss Kantha Channaiah's speech about Kill Step Validation. Channaiah will also showcase AIB's Baking Process Kill Step Calculators and their reliability. This presentation will be held in Room N254.

9:45 AM Lowell Lufkin gives the lowdown on all AIB food labeling services. We can even produce Canadian nutritional labels for your products! See Lufkin in Room N256 for this exciting presentation.

11 AM More than ever before are food safety experts focused on food labeling regulations. Get all the updated information from Lowell Lufkin in this presentation in Room N254.

In the afternoon, stop by our booth #4621 and pick up an I Love Bread tattoo! We love bread and we hope you'll show your baking pride --- just like we do!

Monday, October 10

11 AM We understand you're in Vegas, so we decided not to start this presentation too early! Brian Strouts, VP of Baking and Food Technical Services at AIB International, highlights hot trends for baking products in Room N254.

Directly after this presentation, head to our booth #4621 and try the AIB Virtual Reality Experience. Through our googles, peak into the world at AIB. See our spacious, renovated labs and baking facilities. Our world at AIB looks much brighter and we invite you to take a look!

Tuesday, October 11

8:30 AM It's the final day of IBIE 2016 and we don't want you to miss this valuable presentation. Need to provide your team with technical instruction, but sending a team to a workshop is too costly for your business? E-learning is a great solution! Brian Stouts presents E-Learning for Technical Skills Development in Room N261.

9:45 AM We saved the sweetest presentation for last! Troubleshooting Sweet Good Products is great way to end IBIE 2016. Alison Bjerke-Harvey's presentation will be held in Room N254.

There's so much to consider at IBIE 2016! We hope you'll choose to learn more about AIB International and hear from our experts who are featuring industry advancements.

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