Tip of the Week: A Look Into Our Labs

AIB International, located in America's heartland is home to eight unique labs that are the heartbeat of the company since the facility was built in 1978.

It's where many students form the foundation of their baking careers. This week, we will focus on Food Labeling Services. Even though this area of AIB’s business is not housed in a traditional lab per say it’s important to highlight the source of regulatory labeling news.

Just last week FDA released two draft guidance documents related to the final rules on Nutrition Facts labeling and Serving Sizes to help industry comply. These important guidance documents help clarify FDA labeling and serving size regulations. For a majority of our clients, these often lengthy and technical documents need an expert analysis. 

Our Labeling Services experts support clients who feel burdened by confusing FDA regulations and the changing landscape. Our clients are asking themselves what to do. Over the past year, regulatory labeling changes have exploded, and very few experts have the right information. 

In between updating client Nutrition Facts Panels to the new FDA format and reviewing labels for customer and regulatory compliance, our experts are carefully reviewing the new guidance documents so that we can bring thorough and accurate recommendations to our clients.

With a focus on these detailed regulations and client success, our labeling experts are driven to offer many options when it comes to Food Labeling Services. By utilizing food label information, label reviews, training and expert assistance, take a look at all our expert staff will provide to ensure that all information on your package labels is in compliance. See how our simple, but methodical, experts approach all areas of food labeling.

Stay tuned to Food First for more details about the guidance documents and sign up for our upcoming labeling courses where our experts will explain the new regulations and guidance documents in detail.

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