Tip of the Week: A Look Into Our Labs

Please note: The original text has been updated on 1/12/2017.

AIB International, located in America's heartland is home to eight unique labs that are the heartbeat of the company since the facility was built in 1978.

It's where many students form the foundation of their baking careers. Each Tip of the Week in January will take you inside our labs through a photo series. First, we'll focus on the Lab Testing services facility. It offers a space for researchers to solve today's most urgent food challenges. We provide allergen testing, grain/flour analysis, microbiology, and many other types of testing.

"Throughout the years we've helped clients with testing an individual product or two, expand that into a much larger quality control program," Bryan Glaser, Manager of Lab Testing Services at AIB said. "Additionally, food allergen testing is another service we provide that is a very important part of a company's overall HACCP and Allergen Control Program. There are many cost effective ways we can assist our clients with their quality control testing that will ultimately save them dollars."

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