Rise to the Top with AIB's Baking Basics Webinar Series

What's even better than enjoying a delicious doughnut? Making them yourself, of course!

Nothing beats the satisfyingly sweet goodness of your favorite baked good, especially fresh from the oven. However, baking education may be a close second, especially if it's an industry near and dear to your heart. And, if you're reading this, it most likely is. 

One of the best aspects of the baking industry is its multi-level foundation, allowing employees of all skillsets to find an entry point. However, once you're in, the last thing you want to do is remain stagnant. After all, the baking industry is all about one thing — rising, and not just the dough. 

AIB International is proud to announce its latest webinar series, Baking Basics, allowing you to take ownership of your place within the baking industry. No matter your role, Baking Basics webinars help you take a step toward professional advancement and strengthening your knowledge base.

The really innovative aspect of this webinar series is that anyone in the industry can benefit. The series was created with non-bakers in mind, so prior baking experience is not required, making it perfect for a baking facility's accountants, support staff, equipment suppliers, and entry-level bakers. There is a specific webinar for almost any topic you can imagine — learning baking lingo, studying how ingredients are used, evaluating finished products — you can even study specific products, like batter cakes or tortillas. Plus, most webinars are less than an hour long, and you can view them as many times as you'd like within a three-year period.

Pick and choose the webinars that are the best fit for your needs to truly personalize your education. The only thing that's left to do is enroll! Click here to dig deeper into AIB's Baking Basics webinar series and jump start your education today.

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