Tip of the Week: Facility inspection. Records review. Swab-a-thon. Are you ready for FDA?

Whether you're ready or not, FDA inspections are changing. AIB International is strongly urging all FDA-regulated facilities, including foreign companies that export to the United States, to examine their regulatory inspection program and make updates so they are adequately prepared for their next FDA inspection. During your next FDA visit the inspector will be critiquing your food safety programs and records and conducting extensive swabbing for pathogenic evidence. Are you prepared?

Shawn Stevens, FDA Consultant/Attorney and founder of the Food Industry Counsel, recently published an excellent FDA Inspection Checklist to help food companies know what to do before, during, and after their FDA inspections.

The document includes pre-inspection, actual inspection, and post-inspection recommendations. We've summarized the checklist below, but strongly encourage all FDA-regulated food facilities to download the complete list for detailed explanation and recommendations for each item listed below.

Find out if your plant is ready for your next regulatory inspection before the FDA inspectors arrive with an FDA Preparedness Inspection from AIB International. This mock regulatory visit will help you better understand what FDA inspectors are looking for in their new approach to inspections. When our inspectors test your facility's response, you'll gain effective solutions for compliance to FSMA-type inspections and reduce your risk of adverse events that would negatively affect your brand.

  • Is your regulatory policy in line with FSMA's requirements?
  • Do your employees understand your plant's policy for handling regulatory inspections and are they following it?
  • Will your updated food safety plan meet FDA's newest requirements?

FDA Preparedness Inspection is a must have for any food and allied manufacturer, warehouse, and distribution center in the United States, as well as those exporting to the US. Schedule yours today before FDA arrives at your door!