Tip of the Week: A Look Into Our Labs

AIB International, located in America's heartland is home to eight unique labs that are the heartbeat of the company since the facility was built in 1978.

It's where many students form the foundation of their baking careers. Our first month we featured: Lab Testing, Food Labeling Services, Bread Lab, and the Sweet Goods Lab. We are back with a peek inside our R&D Lab.

Research has been a part of AIB since it began in 1919. The purpose was, and still is, to provide a service to the baking industry. The facility features two R&D labs. One is set up to evaluate bread products and the other to produce chemically leavened baked goods. Mixing capabilities range in size from a small 5 qt. bench top production up to 40 qt. Doughs larger than 40 qt. would be processed in the Pilot Plant.

The R&D lab offers a full range of research and development capabilities to assist companies. A TA-XT2 Texture Analyzer is used to measure textural characteristics of products produced in the lab or sent to us from other manufacturers. An important piece of equipment used for most projects is a copy stand, which allows researchers to shoot digital photographs of the baked products. These photos give the clients a visual image of how changes in formulation or processing may affect quality.

Our scientists collaborating with your company’s marketing or internal R&D group can provide all of the resources required to turn ideas into product samples.

“Probably the most popular service AIB offers would be evaluating product quality, because that is a part of all projects we do.” Renee Boeckman, R&D Manager said. “Whether we are testing functionality of an ingredient, optimizing product formulations, comparing ingredients for extended shelf-life or developing new products, evaluating the quality, by subjective scores and/or objective measurements, is really the core of our existence.  Without product quality evaluations, our work would be meaningless.”

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