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What AIB Baking & Food Technical Services Should Food and Beverage Producers Know About?

Packaging a simple onboarding experience with expert leadership is how global food and beverage producers view AIB International services. And 2017 is no different as AIB continues to pursue more client-centric strategies in the new year. That strategy is what spurred us to focus on the way client projects move from inspiration to distribution.

Historically, AIB has relied on bakeries to develop new products, but now AIB is often requested to assist with formulation optimization, testing of product concepts, evaluation of new trending ingredients, or newly designed equipment. 

"We are frequently, almost daily, contacted about R&D assistance." Valerie Olson, Director of Food Technical Services said. "Our expertise ranges across many product categories and configurable lab spaces, which allows us to assist in these situations."

Many times when there is interest in product development, it's helpful to learn more about the product during the development process. There are a multitude of objective tests that can be carried out to better understand critical parameters of your products during and after processing. Olson also said Food Technical Services can provide shelf-life testing to understand changes in the product as it ages. Texture analysis and microbiological testing over time can be very helpful in determining the shelf-life of a new product.

"Commonly, when developing a product there is criteria to consider either to make a claim or to avoid specific ingredients." Olson said "These are times where our experienced R&D and Food Labeling experts work together to help achieve your finished product goals."

One critical step in product development is the scale up of formulations from small, lab size batches to larger production size batches. Adjustments will be needed to ensure the product can be produced in a manufacturing scale. AIB's pilot plant facilities are designed with this in mind. The pilot scale is used to ensure that the final step of product development, scaling up to a large production setting, goes smoothly. AIB's pilot plant facilities can also be used to produce novel or new to market products, samples for consumer testing or trade shows, and to test out new pieces of equipment before making a large investment in production scale equipment.
Once a product is developed, many steps remain to get the product to market. Food Technical Services can assist with in-plant consultations, to provide guidance in the plant trial phase of production, ongoing labeling assistance, and quality assurance of incoming ingredients and finished products.

In instances where an ingredient is no longer available, becomes too costly, or a new ingredient is desired, AIB can assist in updating a formulation and testing it to see what impact it will have on the final product.

"Many of our inquiries include the phrase “Wow! I didn’t know you could do that”, because of the many services we offer." Olson said. "Most companies don't know that we can provide on-site consultation and private training at their location. These are great ways to troubleshoot concerns in a production setting and to train a group of employees with topics that are meaningful to their daily jobs."

Clients interested in our Baking & Food Technical Services can engage with AIB in multiple ways. Interested in knowing more?
Many clients initially contact R&D via email at info@aibonline.org

2. Once we have a request the most appropriate expert will contact you to discuss further details and outline recommended services. 

3. Sometimes a project proposal is provided, other times services can be provided by simply filling out a request form and submitting samples.