Tip of the Week: 5 Reasons Your Product Quality May Be Stale

We've all experienced stale potato chips, cookies, and bread that have lingered a little too long in our pantries. But what happens when those products stale before what's reasonably acceptable? We're covering 5 common reasons why your product quality may be stale in this Tip of the Week segment.

1. Over baked

Check the internal temperature of product exiting the oven. An oven thermal profiler may be needed to determine that 200˚F (93°C) is achieved with only 15% of bake time remaining.

2. Cooled too long

Check the internal temperature in the wrapping room. If not cool enough, cooling time may need to be extended.

3. Under absorbed

Check that cleanup time is on target for optimum absorption. If cleanup time is delayed, the dough is over absorbed. Cleaning up too quickly signals under absorption.

4. Low softener/enzyme levels

Verify that the amount of enzymes/softeners is correct.

5. Not enough fat or oil

Ensure that the fat/oil levels meet the standard. If oil is being metered to the mixer, calibrate the meter on a regular basis to ensure accuracy. 

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