Tip of the Week: 3 Helpful Hacks to Share With Your Maintenance Team


Maintenance is an essential counterpart to any food plant sanitation program. If not managed properly, everyday maintenance tasks can impose a food safety risk. We're bringing you 3 helpful hacks to share with your maintenance team to reduce the risk of unintentional contamination.

Grease Guns

Did you know that there are grease guns that can make it easier to identify what kind of grease you're dealing with? Many different manufactures sell clear grease guns that allow you to see the printed information on the grease canister to eliminate the possibility of accidental misuse.


Outlined Tool Boxes

Did you know that lost tools on the job can create food safety risks and financial loss from production downtime? There is a quick and easy way to ensure that all tools are accounted for after a job is completed. Outlining the tools in your toolbox can give you a quick and easy way to identify if there is a missing tool after the job is finished. This will save time and ensure that tools are not left behind in the production areas.


Post-Maintenance Grease Cleanup

Did you know that there is an easy way to identify if you have over greased your equipment? After any preventive maintenance activity that requires adding grease to moving parts it is a good idea to turn on the equipment to allow the moving parts to work out any excess grease. Once you have shut the equipment down again thoroughly inspect the equipment for any excess grease that has worked its way out.