Tip of the Week: 4 Steps to Consider Before Hiring a Pest Company

Pest management is not something new at AIB International. The company’s offerings in this area cover a wide range of services including: Bird Pest Control Online, Insect Pests Online, Rodent Control Online, private training, facility consultations, and an entire section of requirements in the Consolidated Standards for Inspection. While all these solutions have helped shape AIB’s pest control expertise, there’s still so much to offer in terms of knowledge to share. The latest ebook, Selecting a Pest Management Partner from AIB guides decision makers through considerations before signing a contract with a pest control company. When selecting a pest control company you should be proactive -- this means trusting the industry veterans at AIB that constantly see pest issues from global inspections. Here are four steps to consider before hiring a pest company:

Step 1: Consult the state compliance documents

Some states have laws, rules, and regulations that are stricter than others and copies of applicable laws and guidelines can usually be obtained from the state agency regulating the industry or via their website. You should also be aware that some states also have laws and regulations at the county level to comply with. If you operate facilities in multiple states you must comply with the laws, rules, and regulations of all states where facilities are located. The appropriate state and county regulatory offices can also provide information about testing requirements, if any, for companies and individuals providing pest control services. 

Step 2: Decide how much access a pest control company should have to the facility

Deciding on exactly how the pest control company will gain access is something you must decide. For example, do you want them to have a key to your facility or security codes to your entry systems? You may want to receive legal guidance before deciding how to address this matter. However, this is an important consideration because of the potential for emergency pest control problem in the middle of the night with limited personnel on site.

Step 3: The potential pest control company will need GMP training

Most inspection and audit schemes require that pest control employees have documented GMP training and facility rules to include some security training as well. This can ensure that the production floor rules will be followed, even by contractors. There is more to pest control than just checking mousetraps.

It may also be beneficial to have the pest control service provider in attendance while reviewing GMP training to facilitate answering questions that an auditor may have.

It may also be beneficial to have the pest control service provider in attendance while reviewing GMP training to facilitate answering questions that an auditor may have.

Step 4: Ask for references

Don’t take hiring a pest control company lightly. Ask for references and research their reputation. A common mistake a company can make is hiring the least expensive company instead of the best company for their site. In the short term, there may be cost savings but in the long term, the service provided by a pest control company who is not well versed in food production facilities may cost you your reputation in the long run.

And there’s still more to share. From liability insurance to an annual assessment the ebook, Selecting a Pest Management Partner, explains everything you need to know about selecting a pest management partner. Download for free today!

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